How to Kill an Idea


I think Robert Pirsig was channeling Max Planck in Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance when he talked about the effectiveness of attacking systems.  The idea involves approaching the manifestations of a system of ideas such as tearing down factory buildings, revolting against the government, and even failing to repair a motorcycle.

The point is if the systems of ideas behind those things still make sense to people, they will continue to practice them.  New factories can be built, the next government will be run much like the last once. You get the idea.

So, how do you kill an idea, or systems of ideas?

A popular approach is to try to persuade other people that your way of thinking is better.  To do this, you must be able to demonstrate that your systems are better than the status quo. However, this only has a limited impact. Sure, you may convince a few people to lick your nuts, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world will fall to its knees to their new god.

You cannot convince everyone you are right, especially to those with power at stake in the status quo.  Even if you manage to convince the old guard you are right, you can rest assured they will not simply hand over their magic scepters of power.

“Street urchin, thank you very much for showing us the error of our ways.  Your arguments simply cannot be matched. We will now turn over the keys to the universe, erect a ten story statue of your dick made of solid gold, and name the first born children on Mars after you.”

I can already hear the furious pounding of keyboards by the armchair revolutionaries fuming on their blogs about all of the real world shit they are doing.

“But Lehi, you’re just writing on the Internet, too. What the hell are you doing to make the world a better place IRL? You are so full of shit!”

My goal isn’t to make the world a better place.  Proving anything online to anybody is fucking retarded.  I will say this, though. You will rarely see me spend hours upon hours online and writing reams of blogs bitching about how things should be.

It doesn’t matter how well you write online, or anywhere. It doesn’t matter how great your ideas actually are.  If you’re waiting for father time to kill them off, you can bet your panties the wealthy and affluent will outlive you.

You want to see change? All that matters is the old guard must die.  If I were part of Anonymous, that would be my focus.

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