Modern Day Heresies – Slavery


An unforgiving blaze of heat beats down on sweat drenched brows.  The field workers don’t have time to wipe the stinging salt from their eyes.  You barely get a chance to whisper to the man next to you, “I can’t take it anymore. I have to get out of here soon. I can’t live my life as a slave.”  Eventually, the computer logs you out and you leave the cool, air-conditioned call center.  You hop in your medium sized sedan and wave to the field workers across the way as you drive off to your comfortable living conditions.

Even living in a privileged western society, it’s fairly common for people to decry their positions as a form of slavery.  This is in stark contrast with what society has denounced as the slavery of old, which still exists in other parts of the world.  The discrepancies between these two types of is further muddied when one considers the type of slavery found in the BDSM subculture.

With the term slavery being used so liberally, it’s important to delve into the dark heart of the matter.  This forbidden journey will end in a better understanding of what slavery actually is and why it must be embraced.

Whether you are a slave to the wage, forced unpaid laborer, or a willing sex slave, the sticky glue that holds them together cohesively is the idea that a person has control over another, regardless of consent:

  • As a slave to the wage, I could say that I have no choice except to work a shit job that makes me miserable because I need the money to make ends meet.
  • As a forced unpaid laborer I could  say that I have to work under fear of corporal punishment.
  • As a sexual slave I could say that I have to perform my duties or meet numerous kinds of punishments, wanted or otherwise.

*It’s worth noting that BDSM slavery is not necessarily congruent other types.  All to often, it’s simply role play.  Consent is being given, not taken, in many situations.

As with the other Modern Day Heresy topics — Murder & Rape — the idea of consent is still the core of the issue.  People exercise their Will over others.  So, it is obvious that slavery is not really a categorical reality.  It exists as a matter of scale.  I think this really challenges the idea of freedom as an absolute, as well.

Nobody really wants others to control them in any way, just like nobody truly wants to be murdered or raped.  However, this is an inescapable aspect of human existence.  For society to work the way it does, everyone must forfeit their precious consent.  Even within our society, which strives for the disgusting practice of forced egalitarians, stratification will occur.  Those with a predilection to control Will control.

Are you a slave or a Master?

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