EM’s SIN Blog Archive #5 – Holiday Roast


This post is from December 30, 2011. It had 3 comments and 5 ratings combined at 5 stars.


Tim, you are not a “XIAN”, as you say. Your tag was a lie. Also, why the fuck is your wife with such an ugly bald fucker.

Coffinpuppet, it is obvious you are a broken man. Nobody pays attention to you, nor cares about you. You thought you’d have friends here after you & Blue split, but you were wrong. BAHAHAHAHA!

Beast, stay the fuck out of my closet you hairy bastard. I don’t care how much acid you are on.

Dan, I’ll have to admit I thought you’d be a bit harder to roast than most. Then I realized that you don’t know how to block a strike properly. I’ll be damned if you don’t leave this in stitches.

MindFux, you are a pussy for going soft for a woman.

Diavolo, you’re an old man without any real friends. Get with the times.

Pup, I know you like to stir the pot. I’m totally fine with that. However, when it comes to the honey pot, you should wrap your stirring rod.

Darryl, whatever you’re going by these days, I just want you to know that if you ever come out of the closet, I’m the one to come out to.

Meq, tell my ex I said ‘hi’.

Jason King, you are not black. You are a cracker, like the rest of us. Why did it upset you so much when the ‘3.0’ crowd went that label instead of your sacrosanct ‘2.0’? I bet you’re craving for somebody to take a bite off the Jason King cock. Maybe if you cut down on the chicken wings and drank more Natural Ice you’d be ok, you ornery fuck.

Jason S., stop trying to look like Santa Clause. The holidays are over and I am willing to bet you only had 1 naughty girl sit on your lap.

Bette, there’s no such thing as a purely gay woman.

Rotten, you should cover up your bald head with a cap, or take some heavy medication. The neuroticism is getting out as hand. It’s not as bad as Coffinpuppet, but c’mon man.

Zach, there is no helping you. You’re just a hopeless drunk and drug addict. You are unstable, and you will die with a large container of mead up against your lips.

Cassandra, you will suffer the same fate as Zach.

Sarah, you need to forget the things that didn’t go according to plan. Succumb to your fate; you’re mine now.

Sammie, your boobs don’t exist.

FemaleSatan, bring your RV around these parts 😉

Lexi, will never be the Queen Bee of online Satanism. Stop pretending people remember you when you pop out of nowhere to jump on your high horse and express yourself. Stay in the kitchen.

Silverdot, it takes a lot of patience to get a tattoo like you just got, but you still have some balls to grow.

If I forgot anybody, then there are two reason. The first reason is I don’t give a fuck about you in the least. The second reason is I’m hammered. Either way I don’t give a fuck about what you think.

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