EM’s SIN Blog Archive #1 – How To Avoid Butthurt


This post is from April 27, 2011. It had 18 comments and a single five star rating.


Butthurt: a phrase used to mark a target for ridicule. It’s often used with the intent to shame the target to the point of that they leave (or remove themselves from the gene pool). Once someone is marked as butthurt, it is nearly impossible to live it down. Mental & emotional scarring quickly takes hold of the target. Recovery is highly unlikely.

Since my time here at SIN, I’ve noticed many people who have been marked butthurt. I noticed a similar pattern in behavior with all of them.

I’ve created this tutorial which may serve to lessen the effect of those prone to being butthurt.

Step 1: Take vast quantities of drugs before engaging in dialogue. Sure, the value of your content might degrade. However, if you’re the type who is prone to being butthurt, your content is probably of low quality. Nobody will be able to tell the difference anyway.

Step 2: When called out, for whatever reason, take a deep breath & walk away. Like in Step 1, if you’re the type prone to butthurt, it’s likely your content quality will be low. Inevitably, it will be called into question. At this point, any reply you give will solidify what people already suspect.

Step 3: Take your frustration out on things that have no choice except to take your shit. These include, but are not limited to: a concrete wall, small animals, LiveJournal, and mentally handicapped children.

Step 4: Delete your account as soon as you sense you’re going to be butthurt. Don’t let anyone know you’re going to do it. Make sure you type in a different voice from now on. Create your new account with completely different personal information as well as signing up with a completely different email address. If you’ve shown yourself on camera before, never do so again lest you reveal yourself.

Step 5: Kill Yourself.

Follow these steps and you’ll never ever have to worry about being butthurt.

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